Vocational Education

Vocational Education forms the basis for developing skills for a wide range of professions. For the majority of adolescents their entry to their first job is through a qualification in Vocational Education. 

How can we help you?

Our society needs skilled and dependable labourers. Companies need programmes for Life Long Learning in order to develop their potential Human Resources that can improve the quality of products and processes. Exams and certification can ensure that we find the right man or woman for the right job.

Cito offers consultancy for developing examination and assessment procedures in a Vocational Education setting as well as in various professional contexts.

We provide:
  • Designing an Assessment Programme
  • Developing and Applying Exams and Practical Tests
  • Training and Assessing Examiners
  • Preparing Assessment Specialists for Certification
  • Quality Care and Evaluation Methods
“Exams and certification in
Vocational Education ensures
skilled and dependable

Our experience

  • Publications in the field of Vocational Education by Gerard Straetmans, Piet Sanders, Jan Adema
  • Designing Assessment Programmes and developing tests and exams for a wide range of customers at the national level including Dutch Railways (NS), financial planners, SECT (Dutch Cable Companies), SROF (Physiotherapists)
  • Cito is associated with the Dutch Association for Exams (NVE) that keeps a National Register for Certified Examiners
  • For more references, please check out our customer stories