International Relations

Cito supports public and private organizations worldwide by providing good and fair testing, and by remaining true to our core values as a capable, leading, honest, innovative and committed organization. We work for and with a range of international relations.

“We would like to share our expertise”

International Clients

Cito has experience in more than 40 countries across all continents, providing consultancy and training services to public and private customers. You can find more detailed information about our clients and projects by clicking on the world map featuring our customer stories.

International Research Projects

Cito takes part in several international research projects, including:
  • International surveys PISA, SurveyLang, CEFR, EBAFLS
  • RCEC

International Partnerships and Memberships

Both nationally and internationally, we have developed a number of successful working relationships with like-minded businesses and institutions. Furthermore Cito is one of the founding members of the two leading international associations for educational assessment: IAEA and AEA-Europe.

Cito is also an active member and provides substantial contributions to the work of associations in the fields of:
  • test publishing: ATP and E-ATP
  • language skills assessment: ALTE and E-ALTA
  • International education: EAIE
  • computerized adaptive testing: IACAT

A selection of our projects...

Flag of Kenya

Kenya | Competence Based Assessments

In Kenya both in primary, as well as in secondary education the focus has shifted from the transfer of knowledge to the transfer of skills. A new curriculum requires suitable assessments. Read Story - Kenya – KNEC (Kenia National Examination Council)


Kosovo | Capacity building

The government of Kosovo wanted to upgrade its educational assessment system to modern professional standards. Read Story - Kosovo – Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MEST)


Kazakhstan | Selection test for secondary education

NIS wanted to develop a fair student selection system to identify and select students for Grade 7, that are capable of studying and succeeding in Intellectual schools, further education and professional life. Read Story - Kazakhstan – Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools

Flag of Nigeria

Nigeria | Framework Assessment, training and support survey

What is the state of education in Nigeria and how do we enhance learning outcomes? This is the central theme which the Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria is exploring and developing, supported by Cito experts. Read Story - Nigeria – Unicef and Ministry of Education Nigeria

Training in Vietnam

Vietnam | Training and reporting

Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training stimulates the process to make a shift from knowledge-based testing to competency-based assessment. Read Story - Vietnam – Ministry of Education and Training (MOET)