Student Tracking Systems

Assessment for learning is spreading throughout the world. Teachers, schools, ministries and parents want to be informed on a regular and frequent basis about the learning progress of students. The purpose of assessment is becoming more formative rather than summative. Student tracking systems are assessment tools that can help to monitor and support the continuous process of learning. Cito can help you to develop and implement students tracking systems.

  • Formative assessment produces information of strong and weak points of learners and helps students improve the learning process.
  • Schools all over the world want to include student tracking in school management systems to monitor this process.
  • Student tracking systems are a powerful tool for quality assurance of education.
“Purpose of Student Tracking Systems”

Do you recognize these issues?

  • "We have developed and implemented a new curriculum. How can we follow the learning outcomes of the students and how can we systematically track information on learners' progress?"
  • "How can we help teachers in formative assessment in order to enable them to provide students with the learning tools that fit individual needs?"
  • "How can be build a system that helps measuring individual learning outcomes and helps design personalized learning?"

Tailor-made solutions

We work with you. We listen to you and will do all to understand your specific context, your specific needs and your specific goals. This is the starting point for delivering complete and integrated services.

Working together

Working with Cito is working together on improving transitions in educations and in raising educational standards. Our consultants can support you at a distance but also at your location.

How can we work together to achieve your goals?
  1. The first step is easy. We get to know each other. You contact us and we arrange an online meeting. In this conversation, we will work with you to clarify your needs and align on your goals.
  2. The second step is about being sure our service can deliver a result. When we are sure your request matches with our expertise, we dig deeper, until we both are sure we have captured the problem well.
  3. The third step is about getting started. Within your scope and budget we can offer a scalable solution, varying from a short study visit to complete consultancy and support in finding and implementing software solutions.
“Our Services”


Training – Assistance and instruction on specific issues 

For example:
  • Developing test matrices and test designs for formative assessment
  • Item construction for tracking students’ progress
  • Developing tools for assessing 21st century skills


Consultancy – Making plans and getting started

For example:
  • Building a framework for competency based assessment
  • Creating sample tests
  • Align processes of examination


Consultancy, Training and Implementation – Reaching your goals

For example:
Full implementation of competency based examination, including all processes and monitoring systems

Our services


Feel free to contact us for details. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss how we could work together to create specific solutions for your situation.

Stand alone services

  • Development of framework
  • Audit of existing exams and processes
  • Support in item bank development
  • Support in item writing
  • Data analysis and evaluation

Our experience

  • Kazakhstan: Train-the-trainer in Item and Test Development for Competency Based Assessment Program of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools Experience
  • Oman: Training for Ministry of Education: training in competency based assessments
  • Peru: Development of new science test: supporting Ministry of Education in development of new test items for implementing and pretesting competency based assessment (CBA) in Natural Sciences
  • Kenya: Consultancy and capacity building in National Assessments for Competency Based Education

How can we help you in your specific situation?