Cito experts for observation in Kazakhstan

Each year, in the beginning of March, Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools (NIS) and Cito organise an assessment contest to select the most gifted students for a six years educational program that will prepare these young children for an academic career. This year about 17,750 children, aged 10-12, will participate. The 20 schools, in 17 different cities, each have their own selection contest. Cito senior consultants Caroline Jongkamp and Nico Dieteren will monitor and evaluate the objectivity, quality and fairness of the process. Ms Jongkamp will visit the two schools in Astana, whereas Mr Dieteren will be welcomed by the two schools in Shymkent.

Cito has contributed to educational assessment reform projects in Kazakhstan since 2011. NIS has established a network of 20 schools that have a new curriculum and assessment model. They are trilingual schools (Kazakh, Russian, English). The intention is for these schools to serve as a model and test bed for innovative educational practices that can then be transferred more widely across the country.

Interested to know more? We invite you to visit the NIS website where you can find an informative video of all stages in this high-stakes selection procedure: