E-ATP Conference 2016

A team of Cito experts will join the E-ATP 2016 conference in Lisbon. E-ATP brings European test publishers and assessment service providers together with professionals who depend on their products and services. Cito is one of the gold sponsors of this conference.

Conference themes

In this edition the main conference theme is: Gaining Advantage Through Assessment. This covers five strategic themes:
  • Leadership, engagement, motivation
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Innovations in Assessment
  • Best Practices
  • Collaboration

Our presentations

In Lisbon, Cito colleagues will present in five sessions that fit the conference themes. We are looking forward to meeting our colleagues and acquaintances during the sessions and in our booth.


  • Diagnostic Testing & CBT Innovations: Diagnostic tests delivered through Facet
    Cito Institute for Educational Measurement constructs both tests and exams in the Netherlands. Many of these are commissioned by the Dutch Exam Board (CvTE).
    This government board was also responsible for developing the assessment platform Facet that is used to deliver nationwide computer-based tests and exams. One of the tests that was recently launched, is an innovative diagnostic test for students who are halfway through their secondary education.

    The results of this formative test must provide insight into the students’ strengths and weaknesses with regard to mathematics and writing (Dutch and English) in order to help them improve their performance. This diagnostic test is currently being delivered at 150 schools through Facet. 

  • The Lifelong Journey to Secure, Valid Assessments
    All over Europe, students feel great pressure to gain admittance to prestigious universities. The stakes increase as the realization that selection of a career and lifelong livelihood depends on attending a particular college. Earlier this year, The Guardian reported that over 50K students were caught cheating at top universities. This is up from 45K reported in a study released in 2012.

    This session will explore the impact of cheating scandals in university admissions testing throughout the world, including Europe, and what can be done to reduce the likelihood of their occurrence.

    Having earned a secondary degree, European graduates seek careers, almost all of which require assessments—either for employment selection purposes and/or to obtain credentials.

    Because employment selection assessments are widely used in Europe, impacts of test security threats have raised greater concerns, as evidenced by significant steps by various testing organizations, including the Dutch Exam Society.

    This session will inform professional credentialing agencies of the most current validity issues in I/O testing, and strategies for battling them.


  • Groundbreaking live Plugfest: The power of Interoperability
    Together with Open Assessment Technologies (OAT) and Trifork Learning Solutions, Cito hosts a groundbreaking plugfest: Instead of holding things back, standards have become a vehicle for innovation and reducing costs.

    QTI, the standard developed by IMS Global for exchanging item and test content, has come a long way and is now a key requirement in both public and private sector procurement. To demonstrate the power of QTI, Cito, OAT and Trifork will organize a live, on-stage plugfest to show how assessment content can freely travel between three different assessment platforms, making this session a showcase of the true power of content interoperability. 

  • Leveraging Technology and Data to Facilitate Lifelong Learning
    Recent developments indicate that society is interested in redesigning Learning and Assessment Systems (LAS) and not merely improving the systems we have.

    Educators request assessments that reflect the way people actually teach, learn and work, and that are merged with the learning experience. There is also a demand for building LAS for different age groups to support lifelong learning and for reducing the testing time for candidates.

    There is a renewed interest in performance assessments that are individualized and adaptive and efforts are being made to develop these LAS in virtual settings.

    The desire to create better LAS, which can provide actionable evidence based on “big data” to improve students’ and adults’ skills and shape educational policies and methodologies, combined with recent advances in technology, has led to the proliferation of virtual systems. Regardless of practice area, test publishers face common interests in leveraging the advances in technology and data analysis to support lifelong learning.

    Moreover, the challenges in developing these tools and products are also common across practice areas. However, the experience with these systems can vary across different fields such as those represented by ATP’s divisions and across markets. In this panel discussion, a panel of experts discuss risks, chances and opportunities related to the use of data and technology in a learning context. 

  • Latest prototype: Track & Trace your items
    Cito develops prototypes that allow non-expert users to build tests while gaining access to our assessment expertise.

    We develop online tools that support users during the test construction process by giving hints and suggestions along the way. But our tools also support the process in a way that quality is enhanced just by following the steps that are laid out in the software.

    We will demonstrate our latest prototype of innovative assessment solutions. Our new module allows users to construct items and manage the workflow of subject matter experts.

    The module aims to manage the process that groups of subject matter experts are going through that includes several iterations of item construction and screening.