Cito – fifty years!

September 2018 marks the fiftieth anniversary of Cito. This calls for a celebration! For 50 years we have been working on products and services that contribute to equal opportunities and quality in education. We have grown into an organisation with strong roots and a well-established influence on the educational system.

From CitoTest till now.

Cito was founded by A.D. de Groot. He was convinced that an objective test would provide
information about a child’s abilities. Following an American example, he developed an
instrument that provided every child with the same opportunities to show his or her capabilities,
regardless of social and ethnic background. Even today the CitoTest is still widely used in primary education. We are proud of the advisory role our test plays, in combination with the teacher’s assessment, in contributing toward equal opportunities.

Of course we have evolved over the past fifty years. We have advanced our products, services and organisation. Still motivated by those same principles of equal opportunities, we continue to dedicate our knowledge and expertise, together with education professionals, stakeholders and our clients, for the benefit of first-class education, now and in years to come.


This year we will organize several national and international activities with and for the educational sector. Cito will be proud to host the 19th AEA-European Conference “Building Bridges to Future Educational Assessment”.