Capacity building on CBA in Kenya

In the context of the Cito consultancy project for the Kenyan National Examinations Council (KNEC), Cito subject experts have recently – shortly before COVID19 pandemic locked down most countries – conducted a capacity building workshop on Competency Based Assessment (CBA).

Based on the new Competency Based Curriculum, as developed by the Kenyan Institute for Curriculum Development (KICD), KNEC intends to develop new formats and new types of formative and summative assessments for school-based and for national standardized assessment. Cito subject expert Margreet van Aken worked with a group of language experts. They took some first steps in integrating elements from the four skills as described in the Common European Framework (CEFR), into school-based and national competency based assessment. Mathematician Sjoerd Crans worked with a group of very diverse subject experts, ranging from Mathematics to Arts to Religious Studies. The exchange of experiences and views from very different subjects was lively, mutually inspiring and constructive.


KNEC-SEQIP team and Cito consultants

Pieter Smeets (Sciences) shared many best-practice-examples from CBA testing of natural sciences in realistic and relevant context situations. All participating subject experts of the KNEC team were getting prepared for the transition from knowledge-based to competency-based learning and testing.
The workshop was organized in the wonderful region of Lake Naivasha in Central-Kenya. After a fulfilling week of interactive workshops the participating KNEC officers were eager to embark on their future task of implementing CBA. They are ready to put the lessons learned into practice.

KNEC experts working on exercises