Switzerland - Institute for Educational Evaluation University of Zurich

In a cooperation with the Institut für Bildungsevaluation, associated institute of the University of Zurich, Cito developed and implemented several elements for high stakes testing in some cantons in Switzerland during the last 4 years. 

Implementation at associated Institute

Cito trained item developers for mathematics and the languages French, German and English; we developed together new test designs and formats. 

Also we implemented (together with some external partners e.g. Swisscom and Trifork) a digital platform to build, generate and administer those tests (Questify) for computerbased assessment.

During the years of implementation, which is still going on (with a complex scheme of Milestones), we also supported IBE with reviews of new developed items and analyses of the tests taken and with the new developed Cito software for standard setting (3DC Method).

The tests and items are used for evaluation but also for learning support of pupils in primary and secondary education.

Complex scheme with milestones