Curaçao (Dutch Antilles) - Expertisecentrum voor Toetsen en Examens (ETE)

During the years 2010-2012 we developed together with ETE (Expertise Center for Testing and Exams on Curaçao) booklets with items for a national test in the last year of primary education. 

Consultancy for ETE

We trained local item developers and developed a design for this test. The test contains 3 domains: Dutch language, Mathematics and Papiamentu language.

Every year since then, we also analyzed, psychometrically, the results and reported to the schools and pupils.

Long-lasting cooperation

Also, we guided ETE during the whole process and nowadays we are still involved, each year, in the psychometric analyses, reporting and also in the quality insurance for new developed items (by screening and reviewing).

The national test has been administered 7 times now (2016) for approximately 2100 pupils.

Example of a report