Secondary Education

When children move up from Primary to Secondary Education, a next step in learning takes place. In their personal life they are experiencing the transformation from child to adult. In your education you will need to support your students in that transformation process.

How can we help you?

At some moments important decisions concerning future choices and determination of career opportunities must be taken.  Such decisions should be supported by good observations and assessments. At the same time these students need support in their learning process. Now you will want to observe and follow the learning outcomes and want to know how to support the progress of each individual on the road to maturity.

Cito offers you a wide range of instruments and expertise to build observation and measurement instruments that can assess and guide the progress and results of students that are developing from child to adult:
  • Tests for different purposes: selection, prediction, diagnosing
  • Assessments on different levels: individual, group, system
  • Training and certification for teachers
  • Student monitoring systems for secondary education
  • Diagnostic intermediate evaluations
  • Assessments for basic skills in Vocational or Higher Education
  • External examinations
“For the best support
in the transformation
from child to adult.”

Some References

  • For the Dutch secondary education Cito produces the high-stakes final External Examinations for all subjects
  • Kazakhstan: for Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools Cito provides consultancy and training in the development and implementation of Monitoring Systems for diagnosing student progress in Mathematics and in languages.
  • Lithuania: for the National Examination Centre of Lithuania Cito provided consultancy and training for the preparation of diagnostic and standardised assessment tools for general Secondary Education.
  • For more references, please check out our customer stories.