Professional Development

Many companies and organizations acknowledge the importance of measuring and developing the competencies of employees. More and more sector organizations acknowledge the need for certification of the professionals they are serving.

How can we help you?

Companies, organizations and sector organizations may use competency assessment tests to certify knowledge and skills of their employees and members for critical functions. For example, competencies that describe the knowledge and skills required for nursing practice are used to develop competency tests for the registered nurse exam.

“Help your employees develop
their competencies
needed in their job with
assessment tests”

Professional Development

Cito offers a wide range of instruments and expertise, including:
  • Developing a new plan for assessment and competency measurement of professionals (employees and members)
  • Enhance your existing assessment and competency measurement programs
  • Test development, exam creation, psychometric services
  • Test administration
  • Digital, computer based testing and paper based testing
  • Scoring services, item and examination analysis
  • Report services
  • Assessing basic and advanced professional skills
  • Consultancy, training and auditing concerning all items mentioned

Some References

  • In The Netherlands we have developed examination and certification programs for Financial Planners
  • Testing of the math skills of nurses working in hospitals throughout the country
  • For more information on similar projects , please check out our Customer Stories