Primary Education

When children enter Basic Education, mostly at the age of 6, a great transformation takes place in their learning. From learning by playing in Kindergarten, most youngsters start to experience some form of more or less programmed learning. You will now want to observe and follow the learning outcomes and know how to support each individual´s progress on the road to maturity.

How can we help you?

Cito offers you a wide range of tools and expertise to build Observation and Measurement Instruments that can assess and guide the first steps in learning and growing:
  • School Readiness Test
  • Pupil monitoring systems for Reading, Arithmetic and Basic Skills
  • External assessment of Primary Education
  • Tests for different purposes: selection, prediction, diagnosis
  • Assessments for different levels: individual, group, system
  • Training and certification for teachers
“Follow learning outcomes and
know how to support
each individual's progress
on the road to maturity!”

Our experience

  • In the Dutch education system Cito has more than 30 years of experience in developing and offering the End of Primary Education Test that helps predict the best future path for 11-12-year-old pupils.
  • For the Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools system in Kazakhstan Cito delivered consultancy and training support for the development of a new selection test for entrance to NIS schools (Mathematics, Kazakh language, Russian language, English language). A Knowledge Based Test focused on reproductive skills was transformed into an Application Based Test that can predict future success in education.
  • In Curaçao, the Lesser Antilles, Cito was closely involved in the development of a national test for the end of Primary Education.
  • For more examples, please check out our Customer Stories.