At Cito, we help people to develop and achieve their true potential. We make knowledge, skills and competences objectively measurable and follow people’s development – whether young or old – in education and their professional lives, so they can get the best out of themselves, make sound choices and more effectively manage their future. Cito supports public and private organizations worldwide by providing good and fair testing, and by remaining true to our core values as a capable, leading, honest, innovative and committed organization.

“Everyone has the potential to grow”

Our Core values

The following words reflect our core values as an organization: competence, authority, integrity, innovation and commitment. Here’s what each of these concepts mean to us. 


We are an experienced test developer in the area of exams, tests and assessment methods. Our products and services have a proven track record. Our competence is our added value, and we would like to share our expertise with others. 


We are an authority in the area of educational testing and assessment, but we would never claim to have a monopoly on wisdom. It is only by listening to others that we can inspire them and help them to define the right strategy. 


We want our behaviour and actions to reflect the integrity of our organization. We believe it’s important to look at ourselves and others critically. Our key aim is to be reliable, do justice to our partners, and treat others honestly and respectfully.


We want to be progressive and challenging, bold and innovative. That means taking the occasional risk and accepting that we may make mistakes along the way. We are looking for partners who can help us to innovate and who are aligned with our philosophy and mission.


For us, commitment means being socially engaged and sharing ideas so we can help others to shape their future. We are deeply committed to promoting quality in education and the business community. That’s why we are constantly in contact with all parties involved in this process, from teachers, instructors and students, to employers and employees.