Educational Measurement

Do you want to have objective measurements of knowledge, skills and competencies of your students and professionals? Important decisions and choices that influence and steer future lives of people, should be supported by valid and reliable observations and measurements.

“Improve and innovate your Educational System”

Department of Psychometrics and Research

The Department of Psychometrics and Research is responsible for the psychometric quality of tests, exams and other Assessment Procedures developed by Cito. The focus of our Psychometric Research Projects is on:
  • The development and application of Psychometric Models and Psychometric Software
  • Procedures for Computerized Adaptive Testing
  • Automated Test Construction
  • Techniques for linking tests and exams

The Department of Psychometrics and Research also gives Methodological and Psychometric Support to the different Primary Units of Cito. An important aim of the Department of Psychometrics and Research is disseminating the results of our Psychometric and Methodological Research. Not only by publishing articles in Scientific Journals, but especially through Training and Consultancy on a Global Scale.

Educational Measurement System

Building measurement systems Cito offers you a wide range of Instruments and Expertise to build a reliable and accurate Measurement System for all people to be trained and educated. We have long experience in developing assessments for Education and Professionals:
Cito expertise can help you to improve and innovate your Educational System by providing Consultancy and Training in: