Visit from Trinidad and Tobago

Mr Peter Smith who works for the Ministry of Education in Trinidad and Tobago, and who is the contact person for our project here,  has safely arrived at Cito. He will be here for a one week training on Item Response Theory and other methodological issues related to the development of a student monitoring system and the development of questionnaires relating to essay writing. Specific atttention is paid to pairwise comparison methods as well. 

The visit

His visit followed a successful project that was carried out in 2014 and 2015 on seamless education in Trinidad & Tobago. In that project, Cito consulted the Ministry of Education on examination, testing and assessment procedures, with special attention given to formative testing. The change from assessing tot assisting was an important issue here. After the project, Cito continued to keep in touch with the local staff, to help and support with the developments that were started, based on the project.

At Cito Mr Peter Smith will be trained by Mr Bas Hemker (Senior Research Scientist, and project leader of the original Trinidad & Tobago project) and his colleagues at Cito’s Research and Knowledge Center.

Fortunately, on the Sunday previous to the training week there was also time to show Peter around Arnhem. The tour ended with a homely dinner with the Hemker family: Snert (pea soup; a traditional Dutch winter dish).