Conference Season: IAEA South Africa 

In August a greater team of Cito experts will visit the 42nd Conference of the International Association for Educational Assessment (IAEA) in Cape Town, South-Africa. Cito is one of the founding members of this Association and holds a chair in the Board.

IAEA in South-Africa

Main Conference theme is “Assessing the achievement of curriculum standards: an ongoing dialogue”.

It happens to be that this Global Conference is organised in Africa this year, so 2016 is the year in which Cito assessment experts learn more about this large continent and its ambitions in educational measurement.

Some topics that are already addressed at the Zimbabwe conference will appear again in Cape Town, like higher order thinking skills in examinations and transferring paper based assessments into computer based assessments.

Again Cito experts will cooperate in presenting some topics together with experts from partner organisations, in this case from Switzerland (Institut für Bildungs Evaluation) and from Kazakhstan (Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools).

Best practices and results of research related to Monitoring tests, selection tests and psychometric innovations will be shared with the audience, coming from all over the world.

Life after the conferences?

When Cito experts come back from the Cape Town Conference, first schools in the Netherlands already returned from summer leave and started a new year of education, training and testing. When it comes to good and fair testing, these schools have developed a long term relationship with Cito.

We support them with a variety of test products, like for example student monitoring systems for primary and for secondary education, qualifying exams, tests for listening skills, adaptive computer based testing and tests for children with special needs. International consultants of

Cito hope that experts working for education and assessment worldwide know how to find Cito as well as Dutch schools do.

After visiting these two conferences on the African continent, we will inform you in a next blog more in detail about the Cito life after conference season.

Nico Dieteren, senior international consultant Cito